The August riots of 2011 started off in London and spread across different parts of the country. People questioned whether or not the riots were really about the shooting of a young black man by the police. That is open to debate. What is, however, unquestionable is that there are segments of society that are  disengaged from the mainstream.

While some may believe that this was just the latest in a series of passing incidents, there are many who look at the situation and are concerned that the levels of discontent are likely to be reflected across the country for years to come.

This book represents a journey to gain some understanding into what it is that leads everyday people to support the BNP, the National Front or other similar parties/groups, to understand how Britain has come to be such a diverse country and to look into how we ultimately need to live and work together.

Susan’s objective in writing this book is not to provide a complete historical account. Rather, her hope is to create a greater awareness and understanding of the issues in order to encourage people to look beyond the surface, openly discuss the issues and seek  solutions.



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