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  1. Comment by Tom Brown:

    I Susan,

    I think the core problem is the way that the way Britain has had to change to suit the so called political correctness. having lived in several countries I have found the locals not so accomodating as The Brits. I could go on out the unfairness of doling money and benefits to those who have not contributed to Britain including the UK sick , lame and lazy and yet, those who have worked and served Britain have less rights and certainly difficulty in getting any comparable benefits.

  2. Comment by Heather Salter:

    Well done Susan, a timely book on a very difficult subject. I love the diversity of Britain today but I am well aware that my views aren’t always shared.

  3. Comment by Pat:

    Good to hear you’re still writing, Susan. And on something as important as this.

    I hope all’s well with you?

  4. Comment by Diane Corriette:

    Congratulations on your new book Susan and on such a timely topic

  5. Comment by Olubunmi Ajayi:

    Congratulations on your book, Susan. Fascinating topic and a must-read for policy makers. With best wishes.

  6. Comment by Adeola:

    Congrats on yet another great effort.

  7. Comment by susanp6:

    What’s gone wrong is the law of the land has gone to far the wrong way ! nothing wrong with a thick ear or a kick in the pants when you did something wrong. The local Bobby knew who did what and how to find them. Anyone leaving school at 15 without a job should be enlisted in the TA for three years and help them learn basic survival skills, team working and why they should learn to read and write.

    Politics has lost its direction and hard right or hard left are not good. Boris is a good example of what more Ministers and MPs should be like ! they are all meme. The EC makes me mad, how can they raise their budget when they fail to get their accounts signed-off each year. Also why are we not holding our Commissioners and MEPs to account, a select committee should being doing this.

    Eric Sutherland

  8. Comment by Andreas Wiedow:

    Dear Susan,

    Congratulations on your book. A timely matter not only for UK but also Germany, the US and France and many other countries. As you’re in HRD I could imagine your book has more aspects as could be taken from the title. Let me know if you think I could be of help giving your publication some more attention also cross border.